Bjornstjerne Bjornson



?我的雪橇在高地上疾驰?下着小雪;沿途耸立着纤细的枞树和桦树。前者独自沉思,后者笑着,白色的树枝闪闪发光;——所有的一切都带来了一幅温柔的画面。现在的空气是如此轻盈自由;雪以俏皮的俏皮剥去了它所有的负担。我瞥见在那薄薄的面纱后面,一幅欢快的风景,在山谷上高高的雪峰里。但从白色和棕色的边界,无论我往哪里看,都有一张脸在窥视?但这是谁的,是谁的? I bore my gaze 'neath cap and brim And see the snowflakes swarm and swim;- Will some one here me visit? A star fell on my glove? right here? And here again? its unlike peer;? They will with riddles pose me. And smiles that in the air abound From eyes so good? I look around? 'T is memory besnows me. The stars spin fine their filigree, Can hidden spirits in it be? There haunts me something awing? You finer birch, you snow unstained, You purer air,-a soul you've gained? Who is it here now drawing His features dear in nature's face, In all this fascinating grace, In falling stars that cheat me,- In these white gleams that finely glance, In all this silent rhythmic dance?? Hans Brecke!-comes to meet me.